What we think

We care about individuals and organizations around us.

Community Partnerships

We’re personally invested in doing the right thing. We support different organizations and individuals in communities with our time, expertise and resources. Through Head Capital Community, we strive to make real impact in the neighborhoods where we work and live.

Main areas


We aim at promoting financial and investment literacy and endorse entrepreneurship among youth through different projects and collaborations, because we think the education and innovation are the strongest fundamental approaches to make societies advanced, resilient and prosperous.

Head Capital in summer 2016 introduced ongoing internship programmes at its group and portfolio companies. The aim is to give real-life experience, necessary guidance and insights into the field. Many interns from different study areas (finance, economics, sales, communication, marketing) are involved in everyday life of the company with high perspectives of later full-time employment. Read more about the Careerseekers Programme (link).

As a next step, we seek to create effective partnerships to encourage innovation-based thinking. We will focus on co-operation between experienced, street-smart investors, investment experts, owners and C-level managers of companies from various sectors, pioneering entrepreneurs from early stage companies, sales professionals, and so on, and those possibly gaining the most long-term – children and students.

This will be an advancement from our experience of an investment academy – an intensive programme for university students in collaboration with Estonian Business School (EBS) that our team members developed in 2006-2009. The goal of the intensive program – Suprema Academy – was to give the expertise and knowledge to the students through lectures, mentoring, guidance and internships in order to help to grow new investment talents in the field. Read more about the concept from EBS website (link)

financial literacy


We constantly seek to innovate and our mission states our clear focus on investments as well as innovation. We are interested in investing into various new ideas and companies, including start-ups and we aim to specifically build partnerships and support companies that deal with financial, media/content, sustainable energy, and other similar fields.



We care a lot about our surroundings and nature and are committed of doing everything to preserve it.

We started our business and other activities from Estonia, a wonderful country where over 50% land is covered by forests. To also bring this wonderful nature to others around us and help to preserve it, we have chosen Ecoprint to be one of our portfolio companies.

Ecoprint is an environmentally-friendly and responsible creative company and printing house that uses various environmentally friendly solutions during its everyday life. Ecoprint has been awarded as the most environmentally friendly small enterprise by the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS)

EMAS is a premium management instrument developed by the European Commission for companies and other organisations to evaluate, report, and improve their environmental performance.

Read more about Ecoprint and its environmentally friendly solutions (link)