What we do

We seek to innovate and create new investment solutions


We are actively preparing new well thought-through investment opportunities and are committed to widening the professional scope for investors in startup, venture and private equity stages.

Currently, we are scouting and screening financial, media/content, green energy, service and technology sectors, in particular.

Current portfolio

Our current focused investment portfolio is aimed at direct investment activities, ie self-acquired and actively managed companies. One of our strategic directions is widespread investment and management focus on financial sector. We are also active in industrial and commercial sectors.

We invest mainly our own capital but are in the process of arranging new co-investment opportunities for investors who seek diversification and are motivated to provide investment and expansion capital. Those investments are clearly structured into different investment stages: from acquisition and management of existing, well established businesses (private equity), to investment in growing companies (venture capital) and early stage businesses and projects (startup phase).

Current investments

Financial Sector Investments


A modern financial institution that offers its clients
flexible, favourable and innovative financing solutions

Private Equity Investments


The largest retailer, wholesaler and service provider of
accessories related to access and exit systems in Estonia


An Estonian company offering a wide range of
printing and design solutions, while being
committed to environmentally friendly policy



Head Capital team members have established an exceptional track in asset management, private equity, venture capital, and alternative investment transactions by investing and
managing investments exceeding  €600 million.