New Investment Company Head Capital launched

12.07.2016 Press Release

Redgate Capital, a leading financial advisory and investment firm, divides into two separate companies: Redgate continues under the leadership of Aare Tammemäe and Mart Altvee, while Veikko Maripuu will continue to head the provision of investment and asset management services under a new entity.

Within the past seven years Redgate Capital has grown into a leading Baltic financial services company. Its two main areas of activity are corporate finance (incl. advising mergers & acquisitions, capital raising and advising sales of real estate) in the Baltic States and investment activities.

The expansion plans and wider investment focus have brought along a shift to the new set-up, which enables to offer more clearly distinctive services. With the aim to strengthen the focus on their respective activities, current Redgate Capital will be split into two separate legal entities. From now on, Head Capital, led by Veikko Maripuu, will focus mainly on investments and asset management services with a broader scope than before, while Redgate Capital, led by Aare Tammemäe and Mart Altvee, will focus on providing investment banking and investment management services they have offered since founding of the company. Following the split-up, the two entities will continue as close cooperation partners, and according to plans, the necessary legal and organizational formalities will be finalized during the summer.

Aare Tammemäe has confirmed that Redgate will continue to provide financial advisory services, as well as direct investments into companies. ”The financial advisory unit of Redgate is among the most experienced ones in the Baltic region, having advised dozens of sales and purchase transactions of companies and led large-scale projects of Estonian companies raising capital from Baltic investors.  We have long-term and ambitious growth plans in Redgate. We see opportunities for growth both in the field of financial consultancy, especially possibilities for companies to raise financing from capital markets, as well as in investments into Estonian companies. We wish to motivate our current team members in a way similar to the owners, as we strongly believe that tying the talents in our team in long term is necessary for growing on from the position we have already achieved,“ Mr Tammemäe added.

According to Veikko Maripuu, under his leadership Head Capital team, having strong expertise in asset management services, will concentrate its activities on different investments, including partly also to new activities which under the former Redgate structure were not possible. ”The aim is to widen the scope of our investment activities, which also includes a stronger and more systematic focus on investments in companies in their different growth phases and different asset classes,“ Mr Maripuu added. He says that new investment opportunities are sought together with international partners and new markets as well as industries are observed. At the same time, current activities, where Mr Maripuu has already more than two decades worth of successful experience, will also be continued.

Under the lead of its founders Veikko Maripuu, Mart Altvee and Aare Tammemäe, Redgate Capital Group has offered financial advisory and investment services to companies, institutional and private investors and to the public sector in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania since 2008, with offices located in Tallinn and Riga. The employees of the company are among the most experienced professionals in the Baltic region. Redgate achieved a place in top 5 in the Top of Gazelles published by the Estonian business newspaper Äripäev in 2014.

The unaudited consolidated revenue of the companies belonging to Redgate Capital Group was 8.1 million EUR in 2015, with profit for the same period being 90 thousand EUR and balance sheet total 7.1 million EUR.